Valerian Dream


The secret of reducing stress and having a relaxing night’s rest lies in drinking a cup of Yalda herbs
Valerian Dream tea. This age-old formula from Persia contains valerian, lavender, and mint. The combination of these plants has a soothing and harmonious effect on body and soul.




This unique Yalda Herbs recipe promises you instant calmness and relaxation. The melange we call Valerian Dream has been used in Persia for centuries. The recipe is passed forward from generation to generation. The tea, a  unique combination of valerian, lavender, and mint, guarantees a delightful taste. Drinking it has a calming effect. It works really well for people who need a good night sleep.
Produced by finest hand-picked herbs by Mehr-e-Giah.
Blended and manufactured in Iran.

  • St. John’s Wort
  • Lavender
  • Lemon verbena
  • Lemon balm
  • Valerian
  • Mint


  • 18 Pyramid teabags
  • 32 +/- 1 grams
  • No additives
  • Flow-through infuser bags
  • Could be served Hot and Cold
  • Teabags are individually packed in anti-humidity foil sachets
  • Free from Caffeine and gluten naturally
  • Vegan-based herbs
  • Melodious effects on the human soul and body
  • Infuses dream by reducing stress
  • Provides relaxed night sleep


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