Awakening – Loose Tea

This miraculous combination of premium Persian spring tea, Ceylon tea and Chicory root keeps you wide-awake


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Product Description

This amazing combination of premium Persian Spring tea and Ceylon tea along with sweet-scented cinnamon and free of any additives, performs miracle to give you a vigorous feeling of liveliness. Besides, Chicory root in Yalda classic black tea can significantly strengthen the liver, kidneys, stomach and heart function, as well as Cinnamon, one the most important ingredients, which has numerous properties, including balancing the nature of tea.
Produced from an ancient recipe, including the finest hand-picked herbs by Mehr-e-Giah.
Blended and manufactured with love in Iran


  • Premium Persian Spring Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Roasted Chicory Root
  • Cinnamon


  • 75 gr loose leaves
  • No additives
  • Could be served or hot
  • Hot brew only
  • Hand-picked premium Herbs
  • Plastic-free


  • Sets your mood healthy and fit
  • Refreshes your memory
  • Calms your mind from any stress


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