About Yalda Herbs

Established in the heart of Amsterdam in 2018, three Persian family members missed the unforgettable quality and cosiness of the tea-time they had back in their home. That was when the idea of Yalda was born to introduce the rich, thousands of years old tea culture of Persia to the world.


Yalda is a traditional celebration held in winter. The term “Yalda” is
Persian, which means “birth”. On December the 21st, the longest night of the year, the Iranians welcome the winter.

This is when, according to mythology, Mithra, the goddess of the light, was born. Her birth put an end to the battle between the dark and the light. People therefore celebrate the victory of the light. The Yalda festival is very important in the Persian tradition, just as important as Christmas is. Yalda is about being together, looking out for each other, and feeling the love of the family. Yalda is celebrated by staying up all night, being together, eating special treats, and reading poetry and literature out loud.
And of course, there is tea. Lots of tea.

Ali Reza Jafari


Navid Ketabi


Saman Pournasrian

Co-founder - marketing manager

The Roots Of Yalda's Recipes

Avicenna, who Iranians call Boo Ali Sina, was a Persian polymath and he is known as one of the greatest physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers in history. Avicenna is famous described as the father of early modern medicine.
Avicenna’s suggestions have guided Persians throughout centuries to use herbs and herbal drinks as natural remedies for various kinds of diseases

Connect With Nature

The aroma of herbs is fascinating. Remaining close to nature causes nurturing body and mind, which is your path to a better lifestyle. While using the power of herbs, there is no need to be worried about side effects and remember that the results of herbal treatments are long lasting